Better sleep.

Somnox is the first non-medicinal solution in the form of a soft robotic companion that actively helps you sleep. Somnox helps you fall asleep more comfortably, experience better sleep throughout, and wake up feeling more energized. How does Somnox do that, you wonder? Let us explain.

So how does it do that?

Soothing distraction to get you to sleep

With the help of various sensors Somnox can sense if the user is awake or asleep. If awake, Somnox will tickle your senses to induce sleep. Falling asleep and waking up are as easy as 1, 2, 3…


The power of breathing

Breathing Regulation

Personal Therapy

Somnox can simulate breathing, just like a mammal. It registers your sleeping state and adjusts its sleeping rhythm to a peaceful state. In this way you’ll be able to feel the proper breathing rhythm and adapt to it yourselve. Fall asleep in 1,2,3…
Somnox will provide a breathing simulation, based on your own breathing behaviour during the night. It will recognise you and change its settings automatically. In this way it will become your soft robotic friend through the night.

Additional features for ultimate relaxation.

Besides these features, Somnox has more: Smart Sound and Smart Light. Hover over the images to learn more about these other features.

Bedtime Stories

Wake up by the sun

Somnox has bluetooth speakers built-in. In this way it can play every song you want to fall asleep. It can even tell you bedtime stories! It stops playing as soon as you fall asleep. In the morning it can play your favorite alarm sound or music.
In the morning somnox will wake you up with a rising sun. By emitting a gradually increasing light, you’ll wake up in a natural way. Waking up just got easy.

Scientific Research

Multiple studies have shown that breathing is one of the most important factors of a good night of sleep. A slow breathing rhythm can induce a person to sleep in minutes; your heart rate decreases and you’ll become relaxed in minimal time [1] [2]. Multiple (sleep) experts, called somnologists, have helped us develop Somnox [3]. They studied the relationship between sleep and breathing. They found that the amygdala in the brain is important for how we feel (emotion). It is found that breathing is of great influence on the amygdala and can therefor influence your peace of mind [4]. Get ready to fall asleep more easily and wake up more energized!

The Team

Who are the hands and brains behind Somnox? We are four robotics engineers of the TU Delft from different faculties: one Industrial Designer, one Mechanical Engineer and two Software Engineers.

Click our pictures below to get to know us a bit!

Julian Jagtenberg Industrial Designer

Job Engel

Job Engel
Software Engineer

Stijn Antonisse

Stijn Antonisse Mechanical Engineer

Wouter Kooyman van Guldener Electrical & Software Engineer


EIT Health
This summer we participated in the EIT Health Launchlab. We won the Public and Jury price. Besides this we won the EIT Health Business Plan competition as well and we are selected to pitch in Barcelona this november!

Innovation with the TU Delft
We, the members of team Somnox, are students from the TU Delft and under guidance of their expertise Somnox was developed. The pillars guiding everyone associated with the TU Delft are:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Expertise
  • Involvement
  • Transparency

YES!Delft Tech Incubator 
After succesfully completing the EIT Health LaunchLab we are now part of the Incubation Programme. We even have our office within the YES!Delft. YES!Delft (high-tech incubator) supports us with lots of expertise, advice and a network to make sure we become the leading firm in the sleep-aid industry.


Become part of our journey!

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