Why the breathing functionality of Somnox brings you to dreamland faster

Sleep Better with Somnox Sleep Robot

Somnox has a specific breathing rhythm, which is slower than your usual breathing rhythm. If you hold Somnox you will automatically synchronize your breathing rhythm to that of Somnox. Therefore, Somnox makes your breathing gradually slow down.

Why does this induce your sleep? 

Having your body in relaxation mode is required for a decent night of sleep. A way to facilitate getting into this mode is using breathing techniques. There are a lot of breathing exercises to achieve a relaxed and clear state of mind (Paul et al., 2006). The internet is full of them. They help you relax, because they trick your body into feeling like it does when you’re naturally relaxed. In this case, a little bit of misguiding your body is never wrong.

Breathing Somnox sleep robot

Therefore, Somnox was given the breathing function. Scientific research has shown that humans benefit from exposure to a breathing object. In a research done by Novosad and colleagues, they concluded that infants sleeping with a Breathing Bear showed neurobehavioral benefits and had a less negative temperament (Novosad et al., 2003). Another study showed that a cognitive behavioral intervention (a therapy for depression) combined with a breathing relaxation exercise could improve sleep in patients with depression, and the effectiveness was long lasting (Chien et al., 2015)

By synchronizing your breathing rhythm to that of Somnox you will reach a steady and slower breathing rhythm. This deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body, because it will send a message to your brain with the command to relax your body.

Which brings us to our nervous system: the autonomic nervous system, which is divided into two states. Namely the parasympathetic, responsible for deactivating functions, e.g. stopping the stress hormones being pumped into the bloodstream, and the sympathetic state, responsible for activating functions, also called ‘the stressed state’. These two working together, maintain homeostasis. With deep breathing, you’re getting closer to the parasympathetic state, and therefore getting closer to dreamland (Coherence, 2006). In the picture shown you see a nice overview of how your breathing rhythm contributes to an autonomic balance. When you find yourself in the green box you would’ve achieved the autonomic balance through a weak stimulation of your sympathetic system and a
strong stimulation of your parasympathetic system.

In short, breathing should definitely be a main point to focus on when you want to beat insomnia and when you want your autonomic nervous system to be in a balanced state. This insight helped us develop the best breathing rhythm possible for Somnox to help get you to dreamland faster and give you a better night of sleep.

Somnox sleep robot breathing regulation
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About the Author:

Julian is one of the founders of Somnox.
As an industrial design engineer who studied at the TU Delft he is responsible for the design of somnox.
His passion for sleep and technology are one of his key drivers to bring you the best sleep inducing content.


  1. Leo van Zanen en Marianne van der Heijden December 5, 2017 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    Wij hebben een Somnox besteld en wachten tot de levering in juli 2018. Wij ontvangen nu de nieuwsbrief, maar ik vind het spijtig dat alles in het Engels is geschreven, sommige technische details begrijp ik hierdoor niet.
    Is het mogelijk om ook een Nederlandse versie te maken, ik zal niet de enige zijn die hier problemen mee heeft.

    met vriendelijke groet, Marianne

    • Julian Jagtenberg December 7, 2017 at 9:46 pm - Reply

      Hi Leo,

      Wat tof dat je ons steunt in onze missie. Waarderen we enorm.

      We doen ons best om ook de Nederlandse nieuwsbrief te distribueren. Echter is dit soms vrij lastig om dat we geen duidelijk beeld hebben van wie Nederlands en Engels is.
      We zullen komende maand er voor zorgen dat we altijd een Nederlandse versie beschikbaar hebben.

      Excuses voor het ongemak.

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