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Sleep better with world’s first sleep robot

The Somnox sleep robot helps you fall asleep effortlessly, get back asleep when you wake up and helps you sleep feeling safe.
Making it the ultimate sleep companion that induces sleep.

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Sleep Better with Somnox Sleep Robot

Meet the Somnox sleep robot

Your ultimate sleep companion.
Nowadays we track our sleep. Knowing about sleep is nice. But isn’t it time to actually do something to get you to sleep? That’s exactly what the Somnox sleep robot does.
When spooning the sleep robot during the night you will be soothed to sleep by the following functions, tickling the senses to relax body and mind.

Fall asleep faster

Use scientifically proven cognitive and breathing techniques to accelerate the process of falling asleep.

Get back asleep

Frequently awake during the night? The Somnox sleep robot helps you drift off again. No more staring to the ceiling.

Sleep feeling safe

Sleep together with the Somnox sleep robot, your sleep companion to help you through the night. Enhancing sleep, together.

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Feel it breathe

If you hold the Somnox sleep robot you will feel it breathe.
Many studies have shown that feeling a breathing rhythm can reduce stress and induce sleep.
We have implemented thousands of years of Buddhist breathing techniques. Providing you with the ultimate sleep-inducing experience.

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Adapt your breathe & bring the mind home

Your breathing gradually slows down.
We found that feeling a breathing rhythm subconsciously influences your own breathing rhythm.
If you hold the Somnox sleep robot you will automatically synchronize your breathing to that of the sleep robot.
Making it very easy to reach a meditative state of mind that makes you drift off right away.

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Breathing profiles tailored for you

We have implemented thousands of years of breathing techniques into the sleep robot.
You can set the breathing excercises to your preferences.

Create your own excercise or choose one of the many templates.
There is a breathing technique for everyone.

“I have no idea whether my own breathing synced up with the robot’s, but it did help me relax. In a way, it reminded me of my boyfriend’s snoring cat Kai.”

– Alessandra Potenza, The Verge.

Test sleepers

While developing the Somnox sleeprobot, we have continuously gathered feedback from test sleepers to improve their experience.
Wondering how test sleepers and journalists experienced Somnox? Check out their testimonials:

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“… if I happened to wake up in the middle of the night, I turned it on again to help me fall back to sleep asap. Mornings, I found myself revived and relaxed, starting my day the way we all want: full of energy.” 

– Nicole McDonald

Sleep Better with Somnox Sleep Robot


The Somnox sleep robot can play any sound you want.
Choose from a variety of options or upload your own.
It turns off when you fall asleep. So let your buddy do the worrying for you.

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Waking Up Refreshed with Somnox

Ultimate comfort

We have studied many shapes and fabrics that would make the ultimate huggable robot.
After testing with over 300+ people we found the perfect shape and softness to wrap yourselves around and experience some sweet sleep robot love.


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